This month's project is a 1:12 scale Fringed "woven" Mat using Aida Cloth as a base.

This project would be suitable for the smaller scales as well using finer fabric and thread.

You will need -
Aida Count 14 count or as desired
Embroidery  or Crochet cottons or Tapestry Wool
Large eye needle
Sharp Scissors

Glue - optional

The example mat measures 7cm x 4.5 cm and is worked on 14 count Aida cloth using 6 strand embroidery cottons, however use the highest count Aida which is comfortable. 

Crochet cotton or tapestry wool would also work well and give a different look to the mat
If you haven't used Aida cloth before you will notice there is a definite woven look to the fabric.  We will be using one thread from each bundle of threads.

Cut a piece of Aida approximately 8cm x 5.5cm making sure to cut along a row of holes to keep the fabric straight. 
Count in 7 holes and pick up one strand from the first bundle of threads running down the fabric.  Continue across the fabric leaving 7 holes at the end. Leave a tail at each end of the row.
Second row - pick up one strand from the second bundle of threads and continue across finishing one bundle before the previous row.

Continue in this manner until mat is desired width across

Trim threads neatly to end of fabric

To finish off the long edges

Fold a hem leaving a row of fabric showing on the top of the mat - then either glue or tack the hem down - finish off each side with an overcast stitch.

To finish off the fringed edges

Using a needle fringe the Aida cloth and embroidery thread - if necessary,  using very sharp scissors, trim again to neaten edges.
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This project was much easier to do than to explain on paper so I hope I have made the instructions clear

Cheers, Helen

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