I enjoy working with Bunka - fun and easy and useful for many projects. 
A little Bunka goes a very long way in minis and so many colours to choose from - Here are instructions for making a simple Bath Mat.
This is a Bath Mat I made some months ago for a swap. Cut into the shape of a fish for a Beach Shack scene or any other shape to suit.

This is the mat I will be working on First on paper or fabric draw a rectangle 2" (5cm) x  1-1/2" (4cm) then divide into 12 squares. NOTE this is 1:12 scale, halve or quarter for smaller scales.

Glue paper onto a firm base. I used Foam Craft sheet but thick cardboard works as well.  Cut out leaving a frame of approximately .5cm all around.
Next unravel l small length of Bunka and cut.  Using an old paint brush paint tacky glue onto one square. (only work a small section at a time)  Then using a skewer or similar stick the Bunka onto the paper.

Make sure to push the Bunka tight against previous work to cover the sheet completely.

Cover all the squares as described then cover the edging in the same way - working only a small section at a time.
NOTE: If some tiny bare patches show through when you have finished - I had this problem with the black edging - just use a texta to fill in the spots. Alternatively colour in the pattern before you add the glue

Other methods include - use fabric instead of paper - anything that will accept glue can be used.
Download prints off the Net - A member in one of the Groups I belong to worked a beautifully patterned area rug in Bunka.
Draw your own patterns - as I did with the fish below or use a wide tape - fringe the ends - put on a narrow strip of braid and cover with white Bunka, a very authentic bath towel

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